Criminal Defense Law – What To Do If You Have Been Arrested.

Criminal Defense Law – What To Do If You Have Been Arrested.

Do you know what to do if you get arrested?  This is the subject William Orth, Criminal Defense Attorney, discusses with Jay Jacome, host of The Justice Room.

Topics covered in this discussion include search and search warrants, being arrested and questioned, making a statement, named a person of interest,  invoking the 5th Amendment,  and how reasonable doubt effects your case.

Should you be concerned if you are identified as a person of interest?  Can your vehicle be searched during a routine traffic stop?  Should you speak with an attorney before speaking to Law Enforcement?  What should you know if you are arrested?  To find out more about these and other criminal law topics and cases, click the “play button” to listen.

The Justice Room thanks William Orth, Attorney At Law, for speaking with The Justice Room.  William Orth is the sole practitioner at the Law Offices of William Orth and is a licensed to practice law in the state of Florida.  The host of The Justice Room is Jay Jacome , owner of Florida Defense Investigations which is based out of Central Florida.

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