Are You Going Through A Foreclosure? The Legal System And Foreclosures.

Are You Going Through A Foreclosure? The Legal System And Foreclosures.

Mr. Marc Peltzman, Attorney At Law, is visiting The Justice Room and discussing with us your rights and the options that may be available to you if you find yourself being foreclosed on.

Thinking about giving the bank the keys & just walking way?  What about Mortgage Modification, am I eligible?   If the bank won’t modify my loan and the short sale didn’t work, am I out of options?   What if the mortgage is for an investment property and not my primary residence – are my options still the same?

As an attorney for both major banks and consumers, Mr. Peltzman brings a unique outlook on mortgage foreclosures, the process and your options.

This is a very informative segment, giving you insight into things to consider if it appears you are headed toward foreclosure and what you should expect from the bank when going through the foreclosure process.

One of the key things Mr. Peltzman advises when going through foreclosure is to know who will be responsible for paying the mortgage deficiency.  Going through foreclosure does not necessarily mean you walk away free and clear.  Surprisingly you may still be liable for this debt.

Foreclosure is a process and there are options available to you.  Working with someone familiar with this process, such as a foreclosure attorney or modification specialist, maybe something you wish to consider.  There are also some things you may be able to do on your own.

Be organized.  Be informed.  Listen to this episode and gain valuable information on the steps leading to foreclosure and working your way through this crisis.

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