The Economy And Criminal Intent

The Economy And Criminal Intent

What effect does the economy have on crime?   With an economic slump, is a rise in crime to be expected?  In this commentary, Jay Jacome, Host of the Justice Room, and  William Orth, Attorney At Law share their opinions on today’s economy and its impact on crime and other legal issues.

There’s no doubt that the current economic state has affected us all in one way or another.  Is it accurate to say that today’s economic slump has caused a surge in crime?  Briefly exploring legal cases currently in the news, William and Jay have a casual conversation on how the stresses of today’s economy may have inadvertently gotten some individuals entangled in the legal system.

Is financial anxiety the driving force behind an increase in injunctions, domestic violence, substance abuse, economic crime, crimes against minors and various other legal issues?   On another note, where individuals used to hire an attorney, are they now considering trying to handle things on their own, such as a divorce?

We’d like to know your thoughts.  Listen to the show and post your views with us on this show topic

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