The BP Oil Spill! Your Life And How It Affects You

The BP Oil Spill! Your Life And How It Affects You

Have you been affected by the BP Oil Spill?  Submit a question that you would like for The Justice Room to get an answer or information for. What are your rights?  What are your options?

Listen to your rights and options if you are being affected by the BP Oil Spill and what you should do.

The Justice Room is diligently working on scheduling attorneys, experts, and other professionals to discuss this environmental challenge.  We are putting together a panel of information specialists to provide the listening audience information about issues that may be affecting their lives and what they should do.

Should you go to the BP site and submit documents to BP directly to file a claim? Did you know that BP is spending MILLIONS to get as many keywords as possible to drive you to their site for information.  Is this information the BEST information?

We are gathering a panel to discuss the spill and the information that the people, should now, need to know, and how it could affect them.  Has your business suffered because of the BP Oil Spill?  Do you think a one page claim form submitted by the attorney through the BP Website is really enough?  Why is BP spending so much money on their PR campaign?  Did you sign off your rights to other claims by accepting and submitting your claim to BP? Is your attorney licensed to practice law in the state of your claim?

Your Life, Affected? Your Rights, Not Known? Your Options, Not Explained.

The Justice Room is gathering the information and professionals to offer the information that you may be seeking to gather.  Check back with us regularly as we continue to update our site as we gather the information from professionals with information you may be seeking.

We want to hear from you – The Victims…

Coming Soon — To The Justice Room.  Submit your questions or show topic by clicking here.

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