Going Through A Divorce Case – Contested and Uncontested Divorces

Going Through A Divorce Case – Contested and Uncontested Divorces

Contested versus Uncontested Divorce — their differences and their challenges are the subject of discussion between Family Law Attorney William Orth and Jay Jacome, host of The Justice Room.

This discussion gives insight into what distinguishes a contested divorce from an uncontested divorce and covers such topics as distribution of marital assets and liabilities, child support  and child support guidelines, time sharing, alimony, mediation, retainers and final judgment.

What role does an attorney play in a divorce that is uncontested?  Will I have to pay alimony?  Does “No Fault” mean 50/50 on everything?  If I came into the marriage with property of value, can I keep that property?   Who is responsible for paying the charge cards?  Do I have to go through Mediation?  For additional information on these and other issues regarding contested and uncontested divorce, click the “play button” to listen.

The Justice Room thanks William Orth for speaking with the Justice Room.  William Orth is the sole practioner at the Law Offices of William Orth and is a licensed to practice law in the state of Florida.  The host of the Justice Room is Jay Jacome , owner of Florida Defense Investigations which is based out of Central Florida.

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