Immigration and Temporary Protective Status

Immigration and Temporary Protective Status

Haiti has gone through a devastating tragedy with their most recent earthquake and has been placed on Temporary Protective Status (TPS) for immigration purposes.  What does this mean for Haiti nationals who are currently in the United States?  Ms. Tania Colon, an immigration attorney, discusses this issue and the TPS process for Haitians and other countries currently under Temporary Protective Status.

Temporary Protective Status – TPS – is an immigration status given to eligible individuals who are not able to return to their home country safely do to devastation such as with the earthquake in Haiti.  TPS is not automatically granted.  Application must be made with U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) and certain criteria must be met for TPS to be granted. It is important to note that Temporary Protective Status is not a road to a green card but rather gives individuals temporary status to remain in the United States.

Forms are available online with USCIS however hiring an attorney to assist with the application process ensures your Temporary Protective Services application is prepared correctly, avoiding problems of incomplete paperwork or missing time sensitive deadlines.

How do I file an application for TPS? What are the requirements? Do I meet the criteria to apply for Temporary Protective Status.  Is there a fee?  Can I be employed while on TPS status? These and many other questions are answered on this episode with Tania Colon, Attorney-at- Law.

Although the Haitian community is spotlighted in this segment, this episode offers valuable information for any individual with immigration concerns and protection under Temporary Protective Status.    As mentioned on the show, forms and additional information is available from the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services at

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