Guardianship Cases of Adult and Children

Guardianship Cases of Adult and Children

Guardianship Podcast. Ms. Sharon Thomas, Attorney At Law, joins your host, Jay Jacome, in discussing Guardianships in this episode of The Justice Room.

You have an aging parent who just can seem to manage things as well as they used.  It’s a problem and you know you need to get some help but where do go from here.  Having a guardian appointed seems like a good idea but what does that mean and what do you have to do.

Ms. Thomas gives us valuable information as she takes us through the steps leading up to having a guardian appointed and answers important questions on the guardianship process.  Questions such as “What is guardianship?”  “Do we have to go to court to have a guardian appointed?” “I want to be the guardian for my mother, can I?” “Is there more than one type guardianship?”

As Ms. Thomas points out in our discussion there are different types of guardianships and in some cases it is mandatory to have a guardian appointed.  A veteran deemed incapable is one such example.  An attorney specializing in guardianship can be a most valuable asset in helping you with your guardianship needs.

We also talked about the legal concerns of having a court-appointed guardian.  There are in fact certain requirements guardians must fulfill and provide information on to the courts annually.   Learn more about this and other guardianship related matters by listening to this podcast.

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