Family Law and The Criminal Component

Family Law and The Criminal Component

Family Law and the Criminal Component Podcast.   Attorney William Orth, visits the Justice Room to discusses how Family Law matters can become more complex when Criminal components occur.  Allegations of abuse, domestic violence, Driving Under the Influence and falsifying financial statements can all create criminal charges during a Family Law matter.

How does that happen?   Host Jay Jacome and Mr. Orth cite several instances of how these two worlds can easily collide.  One of the examples they discuss is divorce – a casse normally heard in Family Court.   In this instance, while in the midst of getting a divorce, one parent makes an accusation of abusing the minor children against the other.  A Temporary Injunction is granted ordering the parent to say away from the minor child until the matter can be heard in Civil Court.   If the parent chooses to ingnore the Injunction and tries to visit with the child, they are violating the Injunction and that is a Criminal matter.

Learn more on this topic by listening to the show with William Orth, Exquire, as he discusses what you need to know aobout Family Law matters with criminal components.

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