Criminal Law – Being Questioned By Police, Not Charged Yet. Should I Hire An Attorney?

Criminal Law – Being Questioned By Police, Not Charged Yet. Should I Hire An Attorney?

In this episode we are covering many topics on what to do if you are being questioned, or even not being questioned but concerned you may be and whether or not you should hire an attorney.  Most of the time the public will deem you guilty till’ proven innocent and you need to protect your rights.

For this reason you need to make sure that your rights are protected by an attorney.  In some cases hiring an attorney before charges are filed may be helpful and you will get the necessary guidance you need to help you prevent possibly any charges being brought against you.

The Host of The Justice Room, Jay Jacome, and a Criminal Defense Investigator discuss a similar case where this was critical to the results of the outcome of the case.  The incident involves a shooter that was being considered a shooter in an incident and after hiring an attorney and criminal defense investigator he was found to be the VICTIM and not the DEFENDANT.

We also discuss the importance of hiring a Criminal Defense Investigator and the hiring of a criminal defense lawyer before charges are filed by the state.  This show will inform you of what you should consider if you feel that you should consult with an attorney about a possible criminal defense case.

The Justice Room thanks William Orth, Attorney At Law, for speaking with The Justice Room.  William Orth is the sole practitioner at the Law Offices of William Orth and is a licensed to practice law in the state of Florida.  The host of The Justice Room is Jay Jacome , owner of Florida Defense Investigations which is based out of Central Florida.

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