Children in Dependency Court

Children in Dependency Court

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Children and Families in Dependency Court Podcast & Videocast.  Today The Justice Room welcomes attorney Sharon Thomas who takes us through the process of Children and Families in Dependecny Court, including the removal of a child, Shelter Hearings and what a parent might expect once the Depedency Court and DCF gets involved

Depency Court deals with cases involving minor children and becomes involved when of certain things occur in families such as abuse or neglect.  A report is made and a Protective Investigor from the Department of Children and Families (DCF) assigned to look into the matter.  Depending on this circumstances, you could find your child being removed from the home and you investigated by the Department of Children and Families.

As Ms. Thomas explains,  the Department of Children and Families does have the authority to remove children from their home based on certain criteria.  The Court reviews the facts of the case and decides if there is need for a Shelter Hearing.  It’s at this Hearing that parents will get their first glimce of the allegations.

Now what?  Learn more about this matter and what options are available to you by listening to the show with Sharon Thomas, Exquire, as she discusses what you need to know aobout children and Families in Dependency Court.

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