Been Through A Divorce And Need A Modification.

Been Through A Divorce And Need A Modification.

So you have completed your Divorce Case and need to petition the court for a modification of the final judgment.  What are your options? Where do you start? Do you have the right to a Modification.  These are all questions from the everyday person.

What are modifications? Has your salary changed recently you may need a modification for child support payments.  Has you job suggested a relocation? That may require a modification.  Are you considering a change in your time sharing with your children and the other person? That may require a modification.

Get some information on this and other concerns on this episode on The Justice Room.

The Justice Room thanks William Orth, Attorney At Law, for speaking with The Justice Room.  William Orth is the sole practitioner at the Law Offices of William Orth and is a licensed to practice law in the state of Florida.  The host of The Justice Room is Jay Jacome , owner of Florida Defense Investigations which is based out of Central Florida.

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