5th Amendment Right Made Simple – SHUT UP!

5th Amendment Right Made Simple – SHUT UP!

Jay Jacome, CCDI and Attorney William Orth discuss why you should invoke your 5th Amendment Right and what it means. Criminal Defense Investigator Jay Jacome, and Criminal Defense Attorney William Orth discussed this topic in simple terms since it continues to come up regularly in cases being handled by Jay and William on a regular basis.

If you are being questioned by the Police or have been arrested here is a GRAND idea for you to consider. SHUT UP! In this episode Jay Jacome, Criminal Defense Investigator and Host of The Justice Room is not trying to be rude, but attempting to get a point across in a simplistic undertone. If you are being questioned by law enforcement. You have the right to an attorney before answering any questions. Although there are new law changes that have taken effect regarding your Miranda rights (That’s another episode). You have the right to remain silent. So once again consider this….SHUT UP. Listen to the episode and learn why it is important to invoke this right and what it could mean if you have been arrested or questioned by the Police.

Also, once you invoke this right and have an attorney Jay Jacome and William Orth discuss that this right does NOT protect you from Social Network sites and your postings. SHUT UP truly means exactly that…even on the WEB.

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